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Defamation & Business Torts

The Pollack Law Firm represents and consults with individuals and businesses nationwide who have suffered damages after being defamed. We are particularly well known for our work in the area of internet defamation, a complex and evolving area of law.

As commerce and information continues to move to the Internet, more and more individuals and businesses are at risk of suffering serious damage to their reputation and business relationships. Our firm has been at the forefront of this emerging area of the law, and continues to be contacted by businesses and organizations that have been defamed by competitors over the internet. Additionally, our firm is regularly asked to evaluate and handle defamation cases on a national level.

Largest Internet Defamation Verdict

Attorney David H. Pollack received national media attention for after obtaining a record-setting, $11.3 million verdict in an internet defamation case in October 2006. The firm represented a teen referral service that was defamed over the internet by a dissatisfied client.

The verdict, which received nationwide media attention, consisted of $6.3 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. It is reportedly the largest verdict ever to be obtained in a case involving internet defamation.

The Attorney Other Lawyers Turn To

Other lawyers recognize Mr. Pollack's depth of experience in this area of practice and frequently consult with him about how best to respond after a client has been defamed or accused of defamation. Mr. Pollack evaluates the circumstances and advises them as to their legal rights, options and strategies.

In many cases, a viable resolution can be achieved through negotiation or mediation. If not, the firm has the resources and experience to litigate.

The Pollack Law Firm, represents those accused of defamation as well as those who have been defamed verbally, in print, over the air or on the internet. To discuss your case, contact our law firm. Located in Miami, we represent clients throughout Florida across the nation in defamation litigation.